“The features of the ESV ‘Spread the Word’ New Testament make it the best bargain available today in the best English translation. Every visitor to our church receives a free copy of this New Testament. We also distribute this edition of the ESV at every outreach event, including the neighborhood's annual ‘Street Fair.’ As a pastor I highly recommend it!”
Tim Tyree, Pastor, Bricktown Gospel Fellowship, Haverstraw, New York

Everyone in your family. All of your friends and co-workers. Everyone who comes in contact with your church. Everyone in your community. Everyone.

Our passion is to spread God’s Word around the world and to see whole communities affected by the life-changing gospel that is so clearly communicated in it.

This full-size New Testament includes features to help newcomers read and understand it better:

Imagine the people you can reach with this beautiful and meaningful gift. The impact in their lives will be eternal. Think creatively about how you might be able to distribute dozens or even hundreds of copies of the ESV Outreach New Testament:

Neighbors ∙ Friends ∙ Family members ∙ Church Outreach Programs ∙ Church Visitors ∙ Trick-or-Treaters ∙ Military Families ∙ Door-to-Door Visits ∙ People in Hospitals ∙ Nursing Home Residents ∙ Youth Groups ∙ Mission Trips ∙ Counseling Centers ∙ Community Events ∙ Christmas Parties ∙ Christmas Programs ∙ Send with Christmas Cards ∙ Camps and Retreats ∙ Co-workers ∙ Bible Study Groups ∙ Clubs ∙ Sports Teams ∙ Evangelistic Events ∙ Classmates ∙ Thank You Gifts ∙ Waiters/Waitresses ∙ Mail Carriers.

Be prayerful and creative about how to give away God’s Word and make a difference in people’s lives for eternity. And, tell your friends, family, and church about this very special ESV Bible offer.

Together we can spread the Word!—God’s Word—to people who need it.